Cullen Gallagher has been playing music for longer than he can remember. Raised in front of the stereo, he first started strumming the guitar when the instrument was larger than him and has never stopped. Over the years, he's played a variety of other instruments (piano, bass, lap steel, trombone, trumpet, drums) and, in spite of the discouragement of his grade school chorus teacher, he also sings. His specialties are country, hardcore/punk, instrumental, and contemporary classical. If you need music for a video or film project, or a session bassist or guitarist, he is available for hire. A obsessive vinyl collector and host of the Alcohol and Tears (Mostly) Country Radio Hour, he is also available as a DJ or music consultant.

Cullen Brian Gallagher - Modern country straight from Brooklyn. New album, The Lonely Place of You, now available!

Demoted - Brooklyn hardcore. New album, Not Myself Today!

Modern Silent Cinema - New album, Ghost (2021), coming soon! Experimental rock sounds ranging from the quiet to the not-so-quiet.

Soundcloud - This is where I post my works-in-progress, demos, ideas, and couch recordings. Lately it's a mish mash of country and instrumental pieces. That might change tomorrow.

The Alcohol and Tears (Mostly) Country Radio Show - Hey, Ma! I'm on the air! Choice cuts from my vinyl collection. Lots of obscure country 45s, classic honky tonk songs, and selections from my favorite contemporary singers.

Night Squad - My old three-person hardcore band.

Dream Box - A shoegaze project with Jake Newcomb of Sea King.